The Kidstarter Curious Curriculum Book Set or KCC was created to help parents have meaningful engagement with their children from 2-4 years old. Studies have shown that at this age, it is very important that they learn through play and exploration. KCC therefore serves as a program that can be used to aid the learning of the child, and equip them to experience the world in curiosity, creativity, and wonder. Anchored on the principles of early childhood education and development, KCC takes on the multidisciplinary, multisensory, inquiry-based, and play-based approach to learning and bonding! It empowers the parents with basic educational fundamentals, and best practices in facilitating learning while inspiring creativity in a regular setting that the parent-teacher can set up. It will open doors for intentional play that explores Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Social Studies, Music & Movement, Outdoors, and Filipino. And because it was created by parent educators, you can be assured it is user-friendly, practical, and flexible. Whether you are fully homeschooling your child, or want something to do for their after-school activities, you will surely enjoy going through the Kidstarter Curious Curriculum Book Set.


The first book known as the Teacher’s Guide begins with well-researched, foundational, and tried-and-tested guidelines on becoming your child’s first teacher at home. It consists of well-designed and well-researched activities that support play and learning for the curious mind. The second book which is called the KCC Activity Book, is the companion book of the KCC Teacher’s Guide. It consists of pages to jumpstart lesson planning and to support all the playful activities presented in the Teacher’s Guide. Let your child doodle, paint, play games, and explore creative experiences together using our colorful and fun pages.

Lastly, what makes this book truly unique is that it touches on the Filipino culture and language. Each activity the presents Filipino corner which is connected to the main lesson activity as well, making learning feel more natural and relevant.


What is the Kidstarter Curious Curriculum or KCC?

The Kidstarter Curious Curriculum is a preschool program made by Filipinos for the Filipino child. It was created to help parents have meaningful engagement through play and exploration with their children who are two to four years old. The curriculum is a two-book set which includes the Teacher’s Guide and the Activity Book for the curious child and the curious parent. The Teacher’s Guide begins with well-researched, foundational, and tried-and-tested guidelines on becoming your child’s first teacher at home. Its second half consists of well-designed activities that support play learning through the following disciplines: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Music and Movement/Outdoors, and Social Studies. Of course the program would not be complete without the celebration of the Filipino language and culture, included in the Filipino Corner. The Activity Book comprises of colorful activity pages designed for play-based, creative, hands-on and minds-on sessions.

Kidstarter believes that learning happens anywhere or anytime. The program was created with the “home” in mind. KCC may be used for preschool homeschooling or as a supplement for children enrolled in daycares or preschools.

What is the main philosophy of Kidstarter?

Kidstarter is anchored on the principles of early childhood education and development. It takes on the multidisciplinary, multi-sensory, inquiry-based approach to learning and bonding. It is user-friendly, practical, and flexible while empowering the parent teachers with basic educational fundamentals and best practices in facilitating learning and in inspiring creativity.

Can KCC give my child a substantial preschool experience even if we just do it at home?

Yes. The activities and stretchers alone are good enough for you to use in a 10-month period. We invite parent-teachers to return to activities even if already explored once as it is in these repeat experiences that your children make breakthroughs, deepen understanding, and ultimately make meaning and sense of what they are doing. You may also notice how different your child may approach each activity at age 2, 3, and eventually 4.

Who can use this curriculum? Is it just for homeschooling families? Or can I still use it even if my child already attends a regular preschool or daycare?

KCC is definitely for all types of parents and children. You can use it as a curriculum for homeschooling, as well as a supplement material for extra activities your child can do after school, over the weekend, or during summer break, if they already attend a preschool or daycare.

How much is the program?

The 2-book set costs Php 3,990.00.

How can I get a copy of the program?

You may use this online portal to order online. Click HERE to order!

Will Kidstarter offer workshops to train parents/caregivers on how to implement this curriculum?

Yes. As soon as the workshops are set, announcements will be put up on our website or sent through the newsletter. So don’t forget to sign-up!

If the parent is not available, is it possible for another responsible adult to implement this program with my child?

Yes.  With proper guidance on the principles laid out from chapters 1-5 of  the Teacher’s Guide, the instructions in all the activities from chapters 6-11 are simple and easy to implement.

I am planning to create a playgroup or preschool co-op. Can I use the Kidstarter curriculum?

Most definitely! As long as each participant has a copy of the bookset. We highly encourage playgroups and co-ops. Make sure to have enough materials for all those playing and a little extra in case something goes awry. 

For preschoolers, what is the suggested weekly schedule?

The Kidstarter Curious Curriculum allows a parent-teacher to be as flexible as he or she needs to be. Although we provide a sample full week of activities in the Activity Book, it is completely up to you how much of it you can fill out in a week. Some weeks are less busy and you may be able to do 5 full days of play. Other weeks might be quite packed and you may be able to commit to 2 uninterrupted days. Either way, the most important factor in both scenarios is that you as a parent-teacher are as engaged and curious as your child is.

For preschool children, how much time should be allocated per day?

It’s best to take your cue from your child regarding the amount of time he or she is willing to stay engaged in the activity. As a guideline however, the younger the child, the less time he or she will stay focused. Be prepared that uninterrupted play can last anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour.

What is Kidstarter’s copyright policy?

Imagiminds, Inc. is the company behind KCC. Kidstarter® is a registered trademark of Imagiminds Inc. Imagiminds Inc. believes and supports copyright. No part of the KCC may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Imagiminds Inc. 

Can Kidstarter be used in a daycare or preschool?

For any business entity planning to use the Kidstarter Curious Curriculum, Imagiminds Inc. requires all interested parties to email hello@kidstarter.ph to seek proper permission. Use without permission is subject to legal action.

Can KCC be used for special needs children?

KCC is a program that may be used for children of all abilities, with adjustments made based on the developmental stage your child is at. Preschool children with special needs in various areas of learning may need assistance and scaffolding in participating in certain activities. Due to the vast scope of the “special needs,” further consult with trained therapists and a developmental pediatrician is highly recommended to assess if this program may be beneficial.

Can Kidstarter Curious Curriculum be ordered in big quantities?

For inquiries, please email sales@kidstarter.ph.

Will I be spending extra in order to execute all the lessons? Where do I buy materials needed?

KCC is definitely a budget-friendly program that you and your preschooler can enjoy. Though you may need a few materials to execute the lesson plans, these materials can be found in your home, your local bookstores, or e-commerce platforms such as Lazada or Shopee at a reasonable price.


Well done indeed!

Simple and straight-forward directions and explanations.

Beautiful designs and drawings!! Parents and young children will enjoy learning through this Kidstarter Program! Next volume please!

Maricar Gustilo-de Ocampo, M.D. Ed.

Education Consultant & Faculty of DLSU for the past 18 years, Co-founder and partner, Keys School Manila

The creators of Kidstarter have made a breakthrough for homeschooling & early childhood education in the Philippines. The book set share the best tools & tricks of the trade that will empower parents to lead meaningful learning experiences with their children. I believe it will get parents even more invested in teaching and the child more motivated to learn.

Dedette Albert-Habana, M.A.

Educational Consultant, Head Directress, Ideas Montessori Preschool, QC

This magical book empowers parents and families to be better attuned with their children! It truly glosses over the impressions and challenges of homeschooling. Definitely doable! A significant appeal to this masterpiece is how intentional the authors are.

Beni Ancheta-Veloso M.S. Ed.

Co-Proprietor / School and Program Director / Curriculum Coordinator, Explorations Preschool

What an awesome curriculum guide! It is very well thought of, extensive, well-researched, and exactly what we have been advocating for – bringing back PLAY in the lives of children. I believe every homeschool parent should have a copy of the the Kidstarter Curious Curriculum.

Francis Dimalanta, M.D.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

I had a peek into this interactive material. It is so comprehensive and most importantly, super fun!

Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon

Homeschooled 4 children for 22 years, Motivational Speaker & Host at 700 Club Asia