Kidstarter Everyday Journal


Allow you child to explore writing and drawing with this effective tool. Help them develop their fine motor skills and creativity at the same time have loads of fun.

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This Everyday Journal is a powerful skills-building and bonding tool for parents and their children. It develops pre-writing skills for preschoolers while allowing parents to get a glimpse into the inner workings of their child. Through children’s scribbles, drawings, and writing, there are multiple things that may be developed: use of shapes, how to add details, creating speech or thought bubbles, developing character, plot, or setting and so many more. On top of offering creative activities, this journal also allows relationship-building through shared experiences.

  • Personalize and design your own cover
  • Alphabet guide for writing using the lines
  • Writing prompts to help you promote your child’s thinking as they write
  • Tips to develop fine motor skills, socio-emotional readiness for writing experiences, and how to journey together as writing buddies
  • 78 writing and drawing pages


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A complete preschool program for home use. Created for the Filipino child by Filipino experts on homeschool and early childhood education. The book set comes with the KCC Teacher’s Guide and the KCC Activity Book. Learn more here.

Other Basic Book Information:
Publisher: Independent Publisher
Publication Year: 2019
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 8.27 x 11.69 x .5 inches per book
Shipping Weight: 1.3 KG

Why This Book?

User-Friendly: Written in a practical and easy-to-understand way, KCC guides parents from beginning to end with stretchers, conversation starters, and the Filipino Corner to make learning meaningful.

Play-Based Education: Children learn best through intentional and purposeful play. These activities celebrate the child’s natural curiosity and encourage parents to defend
play at home or on the go!

Flexible: KCC can be done anytime anywhere! You can choose to make your own schedule, plugging and playing as you go along. These hands-on and minds-on sessions are customized for you and your child.

Multidisciplinary and Multi-sensory: Combining different principles of early childhood education, KCC takes into account the different learners out there. Covering the disciplines of Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Music and Movement/Outdoors, and Social Studies, the program facilitates the learning of each child.